Guidelines to Parents

Parents’ co-operation is very necessary for the school and parents must realize this. Full support is required from them as it is their ward’s future that the school is trying to develop.

  1. Parents are not permitted to go into the classes as and when they wish, as this disrupts the normal routine of the class.
  2. However, parents are permitted to visit the School and meet the teachers to discuss the problems and progress of their children on every Parents’ Visiting Day, intimation for which is given by the school well in advance.
  3. If parents have any special problems that require immediate attention, it is advised that they see the Principal, who will try her best to help them.
  4. All complaints and problems must be sent to the Principal in writing or may be written in the students’ dairies for the perusal of the teacher.
  5. Parents are requested to go through their children’s dairies regularly and note down the comments and notices that are written by the teachers there in.
  6. A School Annual Calendar is issued at the start of the session detailing the year’s fixtures and intended holidays, dates for tests and examinations and events, Parents are advised to go through the Calendar for reference regularly.