Director’s Message

It gives me great joy to open the portals of Rana Public School to welcome you to the Ranains fold. To me Rana Public School is like a child, which we have to nurtured and heave proudly watched grow through the years.

Through this website, you will learn a lot about the Group and our activities. But before that, I would like to tell you what education and values really mean to us.

Good education begets wisdom and wisdom in turn begets success and prosperity. Quality education alone insures a mind with wisdom which is instrumental in bringing out a good human being, a good citizen, a hard working and honest person who can contribute greatly in the making of a model society.

In today’s world, the educators have to shoulder an extremely challenging task of styling, moulding and creating a coherent race, one that is not only deeply rooted in our soil, but endowed with futuristic, global foresight.

Thus to look before and after with hope and reassurance of a strong foundation is what we intend and bestow on our students. The fortitude to face the challenges of a difficult world with a strong character carved on values of honesty, integrity, morality, sense of belonging and brotherhood, teamwork, confidence and most especially a devout and unshakable faith in the Almighty.

We wish to see each of our students at a pedestal of prosperity and respect from which they look back and see an institution for which they can feel nothing but pride and a satisfaction that they received the best education possible.

We strongly believe that there is a bright child in every child. Each child is endowed with intelligence and ability and special talent. Our aim is to manifest these talents so that they may be resplendent, not only through their period of learning in school but throughout their life.

Mr. Jagtar Singh Rana, Director of RPS

Mr. Avtar Singh Rana, Co-Director of RPS