Promotion CriteriaUnleash the potential of your child.

Promotion Criteria

    a)The promotion of a student does not depend on the result of a single Annual Examination, but on the following conditions:

    1. The student should have made satisfactory progress in all subjects during the year.
    2. All students MUST pass in English; a failure in English cannot be granted promotion.
    3. The minimum marks required for promotion are 50% throughout the school session.

    b) Should a student fail to qualify for promotion, but has shown good progress in the year’s work, he/she will be permitted to repeat the class only once.
    c) If a student fails in four or more subjects in the year’s average, then he/she will not be kept in the school.
    d) Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the class tests or examinations.
    e) Every student must have 75% attendance of the total prescribed number of working days in order to be eligible to appear for the school examinations.

    Progress Report
    a) Parents are kept informed of the academic performance of their ward which is assessed by conducting Unit Tests for all classes. The record. of progress is maintained in the student’s diary and also in the Teacher’s Diary. Record is also maintained in the office Master Marks Register.
    b) The Principal checks the Progress Record of each student periodically and gives special remarks at the end of each term.
    c) Formal report cards are issued at the end of the Half Yearly Examinations in November; these are re-issued at the end of the Final Examinations held in April wherein the student’s year end percentage, rank (classes V upwards) and promotion status are mentioned.
    d) Toppers of each class are awarded Medals on the result declaration day.

    a) One month’s notice is required to be given to the Principal in writing if a student is to be withdrawn from the school.
    b) Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the entire fees (Annual fees along with tuition fees and other dues) are paid in full. Failing this the TC will be withheld.
    c) Government employees who are transferred on account of government orders will be expected to pay only the Term’s fees when they leave.
    d) The Principal may at any time with or without assigning any reason ask a parent to withdraw his/her ward from the school, if she considers it in the interest of the school.