Physical Fitness

An integral part of the school curriculum is Physical Education. This education is imparted by a qualified and trained instructor. He is also assisted by specialized coaches. It is compulsory for every student to be present at these classes. It is also offered as an optional subject in classes XI and XII.
With emphasis on physical fitness Rana Public School pays special attention in training students in indoor and outdoor games under the supervision of P.T.I.'s and coaches. Students are trained in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Karate and Taekwondo. Besides these many indoor games like Table Tennis, Billiards, Snooker, Chess and Carom are also played. The school participates in all the competitive events organized by the local sports authority, and also in Inter-school meets. The school holds several cherished running trophies in Inter-school Tournaments.


This Popular game finds favour with all ages of the RPS family. Students are trained from young and encouraged not just to play but also to enjoy playing this game. Inter-house matches are organised internally by the school and later students are divided into three groups viz. Senior, Middle and Junior to represent RPSĀ“s in various District Sports tournaments. Outstanding players are rewarded. A national coach and sports instructor train and enhance our young cricketers' skills.


The school has a Basketball courts, where various tournaments are hosted. There is also a sub-sized court for the juniors to be trained. As with the other games, students who excel are selected to represent the school in various invitational tournaments and matches.

Indoor Games

For those students who are not too enthusiastic about outdoor-sports the school provides for indoor games viz. Billiards, Table-tennis, Chess and Caroms. Various age-level and house tournaments are held throughout the year where the student's are provided with the opportunity to display their flair and skills in these games. The outstanding and successful ones are rewarded as a form of appreciation and encouragement.