Admission Procedurein Rana Public School

Admission Procedure

    Registrations for new admissions are done at the end of each academic year, generally in the months of December. In order to register a candidate the following information must be supplied-

    • Name of the Candidate.
    • Birth certificate in original.
    • The latest progress report of the last school attended.

    After the above requirements have been submitted to the entire satisfaction of the Principal, the student’s name will be registered on the Waiting List for the class applied, after the payment of the registration fees.
    Registration of candidate does NOT guarantee admission to the school. The criteria for the admission can be found from the school prospectus.
    The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission if the transfer certificate is not received on time, or if some flaws are found in the same. Under these circumstances the parent will forfeit the amount deposited towards admission fee.