How to ApplyIn Rana Public School

How To Apply


    • Registrations for new admission are done at the end of each academic year, generally in the months of January and February. In order to register a candidate the fullowing information must be supplied.
    • Name of the candidate
    • Birth certificate in original for verification
    • The latest progress report of the last school attended.
    • After the above requirements have been submitted to the entire satisfaction of the Principal, the student’s name will be registered on the Waiting List for the class applied, after the payment of the registration fees.
    • Registration of a candidate does NOT guarantee admission to the school, admission will depend on the fullowing conditions:
    • The student must have successfully passed the class previous to the one to which admission is sought.
    • The student must attain the prescribed minimum standard in the entrance test to be eligible for consideration for admission.
    • After qualifying the test and interview, admission will depend on the number of seats available for which the applicant is registered. If seats are unavailable in the Branch applied for, another Branch may be offered depending again on the availability of seats.
    • Admission will be granted at the sule discretion of the Principal. Special consideration will be given to applicants whose brothers or sisters are already studying in Wilsonia, provided he/she has qualified the entrance test and there is vacancy in the class and Branch applied for. Recommendations will not be entertained.
    • The registration fee is valid only for one year. It is neither refundable nor transferable to another year.
    • If an applicant is found fit for admission, a provisional offer of admission will be made, which must be accepted within One Week, failing this, it will automatically be withdrawn. The acceptance of offer must be accompanied with:
    • Birth certificate in original and an attested photocopy of the same.
    • Transfer Certificate from the previous schoul.
    • Payment of the fullowing dues:
    • Admission Fees
    • Tuition Fee for one term
    • Other dues to the cullege such as Annual Dues, Bus Dues that is applicable.
    • The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission if the transfer certificate is not received on time, or if some flaws are found in the same. Under these circumstances the parent will forfeit the amount deposited towards admission fee.
    • Should a parent decide on his/her own accord against sending the child to the schoul after completing all admission formalities and paying all dues, he/she will not be entitled for a refund of the same and will be liable to pay at least one terms tuition fee in addition.
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